Born in Coventry, England in 1986, currently living and working in London’s East End. 

His work investigates the frictions and personal dissociations between the freedom of human life and the mechanisation of systematic structure. 

Influenced by a weighted history of British Industrialism he displays a self critique of masculinity and hardship. Examining the relationship between ‘authority and the individual’ works are often abstracted and re-appropriated taking conceptual form. Inspired by his working forefathers as automotive machinists he investigates modern values, welfare, institutional power structures and human commodity. 

By embracing sculpture as a language he is returning to ideas of the local and the homegrown. With a focus towards labor energy consumption a sense of material struggle is apparent giving reference to ecology and sustainable production.

Taking an empirical approach he examines and experiments with psychological and emotional engagement to evoke a humanist attachment from what he sees as a current system of desensitisation. At the core of his practice and represented in each work is the human form and spirt, a symbolic study touching upon economics, sociology and political science as a tenuous rejection to the 1950s utilitarian design principles of form following function.